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VIP Service List: 

PDX Drop-off and Pickup:
Always on-time arrival pick-up and drop-off window to and from flights. Please leave your flight number when booking.

Blazer Games:
Don't want to deal with the hassle and traffic around the arena before a Blazer Game? We will pick you up from your doorstep and take you straight to the game steps away. This way you can enjoy the game without the hassle!

Company/Corporate Events:
Reward your employees by hiring Mark Car Service to take them to and from any place of your choosing. We are happy to accommodate groups of any size! 
Luxury wine tours: 
Make your reservation(s) with any winery you choose. We will drive you out and back so you can enjoy wine without concern.

Gorge Tours:
Enjoy the scenic Gorge area without worry of doing the actual driving.

Coastal Tours:
Don't want to deal with the coastal town traffic? Let us drive you while you enjoy the scenic views.

Special Events:
Celebrating a special event and simply want not to worry about driving? Even if it's for a simple date night out, or a special wedding, Mark Car service will take you where you want to be. We also are happy to accommodate proms, funerals, concerts, Blazer games, or any event you want to ensure your safety and timely arrival and departure at. Your safety is our priority. 
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